Blue heron gardens

Fresh pure honey, beeswax, and wax capping extractor frames are just a few of our specialties.

What our customers say

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

“That honey I got from you is fantastic! Creamy, sweet and delicious. I’ve had a lot of local sourced, raw honey and I think the quality of yours is the best I’ve had.” Mike

As we get older, we start to pay more attention to what we put in our bodies. Honey has been a big staple in my life. Unfortunately it wasn’t always the best honey to ingest. After learning about the health benefits of pure unpasteurized honey and consuming for the past 9 weeks I feel my well being has improved. I am ready to place my second order from Blue Heron and would highly recommend them. This will be the only honey I continue to purchase!


Blue heron garden news

Haskap berries and anti-oxidants

Haskap have very high levels of anti-oxidant.  Research has shown them to exceed even blueberry levels.  As a known super-fruit, we grow them and use them for jam, syrup, frozen berries, and baking.  My personal favorites are mixing frozen berries into pancakes and...

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Wax Cappings Extractor Frame now available!

Our very own invention and now patent pending "Wax Cappings Extractor Frame" is now available!  Save your valuable honey during the extraction process by separating more of it from those wax cappings.  The frames are loaded with the honey/wax mixture during extraction...

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